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AR Glass Fiber
NEGA is a full service provider for the GFRC/FRC industry. We provide a full range of AR glass fiber products, Polyplex acrylic polymer, mixers, pumps, and fiber feeders, for the manufacture of GFRC/FRC, VCAS Micron HS pozzolanic admixture.
Architectural Glass
Nippon Electric Glass supplys unique products for architectural applications. Neoparies, glass ceramic panel neoclad, and glass blocks are a few unique materials that we offer.
E Fiber
Nippon Electric Glass provide high-quality glass fibers. FRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic) is a composite material with alkali-free E-fiber products. It is widely used in a variety of industries.
Low Thermal Expansion Glass Ceramics
Nippon Electric Glass Neoceram, low thermal expansion glass ceramics material, is used in a broad range of applications. Neoceram's excellent heat-resistance and low thermal expansion properties make it the material of cho ice number of high-tech fields.
Electronic Glass for Application
High-precision ball lenses, high light-transmittance glass, glass capillaries, ferrules and other micro glass products are part of over three hundred types of glass powder are used by Nippon Electric Glass in electronic parts for sealing, coating and other purposes.
LCD Glass
Nippon Electric Glass supports demand for liquid crystal displays which has been increasing for a broad range of applications. OA-10 does not cause any degradation due to its alkali-free composition. BLC is borosilicate glass substrate for STN- or TN-LCDs.