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NEGA offers the following roving products.

2500H103/DB - 5000H103/DB

For GFRC spray-up applications. The high integrity strand has excellent combination for stiffness for good lay-down and wet-out but is sufficiently soft to allow easy roll-out into corners and other mold details.

2500H350Y/DB - 5000H350Y/DB

Specialty roving, particularly designed for GFRC spray-up of primarily flat products. It is not usually suitable for spray-up of products with shape and molded features due to its high number of strands.


Designed for chopping into chopped strands that are suitable for premix applications. Especially suitable for direct chopping into mixer. The strands obtained from this roving are too stiff for spray-up applications.

Polyplex Acrylic Polymer

Direct wind Roving (DWR)

DWR products are single end roving, designed mainly for weaving, scrim manufacture, filament winding, and pultrusion applications. They are not suitable for spray-up or chopped strand manufacture.

Four different tex roving are available: 310, 620, 1,100, and 2500. The product codes are: AR(tex)S-800,
e.g. AR310S-800

Polyplex Acrylic Polymer

Explanation for product code format:

Example Code: 2500H350Y/DB

2500 = Roving Tex, H350 = Sizing Code, Y = Number of Filaments per Strand

(Z = 50 Filaments per strand, Y = 100 Filaments per Strand, X = 200 Filaments per Strand)