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FRC - (Fiber Reinforced Concrete)

Since its inception AR glass fiber has primarily been marketed for GFRC applications, which are high fiber content such that the glass fibers are the primary and only reinforcement for the concrete; there is no steel rebar, or any other secondary reinforcement material. The concrete in GFRC is really a rich mortar mix (50:50 sand:cementitious material).

GFRC - (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete)

Comprises a mix of sand and cement (no large aggregate) and admixtures reinforced with AR glass fiber. Fiber contents are high, typically 3 - 5% by weight of the concrete. GFRC products are thin when compared with precast concrete, typically 0.5 - 1 inch for GFRC compared to 3 inches or more for concrete. GFRC therefore offers the possibility of strong but much lighter products than equivalent precast concrete.