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Nippon Electric Glass America - GFRC and FRC Manufacturing Equipment

NEGA carries a full line of GFRC and FRC manufacturing equipment, covering all types of production processes.

Equipment includes:

  1. PS9,000A & PS10,000A - Rotor/Stator Pumps for spray-up.
  2. PS38A - Peristaltic pumps for premix pumping and spraying
    also aggregate face mix spraying.
  3. Concentric Spray/Chopper Guns - for spray-up.
  4. Lightweight Spray Gun   - for mist coat spraying.
    MK5A Premix Spray gun - face mix aggregate spraying.
    Premix Spray Gun.
  5. Compaction rollers.
  6. GRC125   - Combination High Sheer Mixer.
    GRC125S - Combination High Sheer Mixer.
    GRC250S - Combination High Sheer Mixer.
  7. Premix mixers either, manual, semi-automated or fully automated. (photo)
  8. Reciprocators for automated spray-up. (photo)
  9. Chopped strand Fiber Feeders .
  10. Multi-Roving Glass Fiber Chopper .
  11. Liquid metering systems, water polymer and admixture dispensers .
  12. Mixer Bucket Lifters: Bucket LifterFork Lift Mounted and Crane Mounted.
  13. CS Unitec HER 23/1.3. (photo)

NEGA is the exclusive distributor in North America for Power-Sprays Ltd. of Bristol, England. Power-Sprays Ltd. Has supplied manufacturing equipment to the GFRC industry all around the world for over 35 years. They offer a comprehensive range of equipment, from basic spray guns and spray stations to fully automated mixing and processing systems.