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Riteks, Inc. SP 7000

Ritek SP 7000 is a High Range Water Reducing (HRWR) aqueous dispersant designed for use in “Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) and other Portland cement applications.

SP 7000 provides fluidity as well as excellent finish characteristics to GFRC and concrete slurries where a trowel finish on the back of the part is needed at substantially reduced water content.

SP 7000 in standard conditions can achieve upward of 30% water reduction in total mix water. Dosage rate of the SP 7000 will depend on the quality of the cement but is usually used at 2-4 oz. per 100# weight of cement.

In GFRC Premix designs using 3% AR Glass fiber by total weight, SP 7000 has proven to increase flow properties with out segregation.

SP 7000 provide benefits that include increased production, low cost and improved GFRC properties including higher compressive and flexural strength as well as excellent initial slump. SP 7000 is completely compatible with the major chemicals and additives used in GFRC and concrete admixtures.