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VCAS Micron HS Pozzolan

VCAS- Micron HS (vitreous calcium aluminosilicate) pozzolan is a custom engineered, high performance supplementary cementing material for use in GFRC, and any mortar or concrete products.

It is manufactured by heating a blend of ground scrap E glass fibers, lime, and alumina compounds to a molten state which is then solidified by quench cooling, processed, and ground to a fine white powder with highly-reactive pozzolanic characteristics.

VCAS Micron HS Pozzolan



The whole reason for the development of AR glass fiber was that E glass fibers, which have been available for many years as a reinforcing fiber for all types of resins and plastics, could not be used in Portland cement because the fibers would react with the alkalis in the cement, similar to what pozzolans do. By grinding up the E glass fibers this increases the reactivity many fold and makes the fine powder a genuine pozzolan.

VCAS-MicronHS is a white powder and is particularly suitable for use with white cement. In GFRC It is usually added at the amount of 25% replacement of the Portland cement. At this level it improves long term properties of GFRC and also significantly reduces efflorescence.