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Glass for Optoelectronic Product

We supply glasses with high light-transmittance for active optoelectonic components. Micro Hexagon is used for window of LD or LED. Micro Beads and Micro Balls for collimators are also available.

Ball lens is also prepared in fabricated or assembled lens products to specific design. We also supply utensils to splice optical fibers of from single to twelve pairs. Micro Capillary is widely used for fiber alignment in passive components. Glass or Glass Ceramic Ferrule is available for optical connector.MORE INFO

Glass Tube

High lead-content glass sleeves are used for several electronic parts. The lower melting points of the materials meet the requests to lower the sealing temperatures for silicon diodes, thermistors and LED's. Lead-free glass tubes are also available for reed switch encapsulation with their high infrared-absorption.MORE INFO

Glass Powder

Broad variation of more than three hundreds types of glass powders are available. Sealing glasses for aluminum or ceramic packages are characterized with lower sealing temperatures. Molding glasses are used for rectification of diodes. Passivation glasses are applicable to transistors, thyristers and diodes.MORE INFO

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